Hyperion-1: A dream car

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By:- Aman Shukla

Motormind Design of Bangalore headed by Shahid Haq, showcased a very interesting concept at the just-concluded Auto Expo of 2016. Dubbed the Hyperion-1, Motormind unveiled what seems like India’s very own KTM X-Bow. Well, the Hyperion-1 is still a concept but with some luck could soon be put into production.

As and when it hits the road, the sportscar is expected to take on the DC Avanti, India’s first and only homegrown sportscar that’s on sale currently. In concept guise, the Hyperion-1 features a V6 petrol engine from the Hyundai Sonata, mounted at the rear, and driving the rear wheels.


The brief was to have open wheeled car with F1 styling influence. To make the experience visceral and engaging: rear wheel drive, rear engine layout was chosen.

The car offers a perfect balance between road and track car without compromising on creature comforts or the thrill of open top motoring.

Development involved several iterations before arriving at the right emotion and feel. Several proportions and graphics were experimented with, before detailing in the design to provide optimum visual performance with track car aggression.


Interior features a driver centric carbon fibre central console intersecting a wrap around dashboard. All buttons are centrally placed and offer a tactile experience.

Premium leather seats with twin needle stitching offer optimum lateral support and body hugging feel.

We are showcasing our 3D printing capabilities with full 3D printed steering wheel from CAD data.

Ambient lighting adds a sporty character not usually found in the segment.

Fully hand crafted gauges add a new dimension in man machine interface.

Both driver seats and steering column are fully adjustable for different driving positions.

Actuated vertical lifting doors provide ease of access with added visual drama.

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